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"A woman sitting by herself is not waiting for you."
Caitlin Stasey.

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I don’t like being called an introvert. Some situations are far more complex and require some certain amount of detail and explanation to why I am reacting the way I do. I can feel at ease if I feel welcome to do so.

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I can take compliments well….. only if they are sincere. I’m not “introverted”, you just totally lack the type of human connection i want to have with someone….

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Just an Apartments Building KaLok Luk

a few years back i began to drink tea without sugar. my boyfriend at the time got me into it. i didn’t do anything to impress him. i just wanted to taste what he tasted. so from then on, my mom would constantly make me tea and i would have to keep reminding her not to put any sugar in, but he she still always puts it. “because it’s sweet” she’d always say. so this morning she somehow made me breakfast and put it by my dresser, which is bizarre to me because we are still in a feud. so i tasted the tea and i’m coming to the feeling she is sending me a strong message, because this was the first time that the tea is without sugar.

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